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Version 3.0.8

Software Updates November 9th, 2017
Version 3.0.8

We are constantly upgrading our software, but also our user interface! This small release has combined both.

Arthur connect

Arthur is now in global beta on the Zapier platform. As some of you may know, for the past few months we have been tirelessly working with Zapier to get Arthur onto the Zapier platform. We are now entering the final stage before Arthur becomes a full partner and you are able to connect your account to hundreds of different systems.

Tenant status filter

In property management, things can slip through the cracks. Arthur is here to help this happen as little as possible! The status of a tenant within Arthur is very important; if it is wrong it can cause a lot of problems. We have improved the ways in which you can change a tenants’ status, alongside making you more aware of statuses that do not match tenancy dates. Now, you can update a tenancy status directly from the task. Furthermore, we have added new filters at the tenancy level to allow you to easily find any incorrectly labelled entities. We have also provided some helpful documents to help you understand.

Upgrades to our API

PropTech is all about connecting people. That is why our software was written with an open API. To ensure you, the user, can maximise your use of the software, we have upgraded our API to allow  you to do more with it, more easily.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Arthur team!


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