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Version 3.1.7

Software Updates May 17th, 2018
Version 3.1.7

Easily manage your different tasks by applying multiple filters to ensure you can find what you need quickly.

As you may have already noticed, this week we have released a brand new layout for the filters section on the Tasks index page.

The filters column has been moved to the left hand side of the screen and allows you to filter from multiple selections.

The new layout essentially allows you to filter data more quickly and accurately, reducing the time spent on dealing with a bigger amount of tasks. Simply select the different filters you want to apply and watch your tasks be broken down into manageable chunks.

We’ve also added a ‘Time Due’ alongside a ‘Date Due’ option when a task is generated. This means you can easily plan your day with different tasks due at different times

Much like the ability to bulk update records, the new filtration system will be rolled out across other areas of the system in the upcoming weeks.

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