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Version 3.0.9

Software Updates November 23rd, 2017
Version 3.0.9

In property management, it is rare to find two businesses set up in the exact same way. That means that different groups of people want different functionalities. That is why, since inception, Arthur has always been about functionality!

Arthur Professional

Arthur Online now has different packages! We have created the ‘professional’ package for those that want additional functionalities. With the release of the professional package comes the release of new features to go with it, this includes: reminders for your tenants, automated recurring workorders and automated recurring tasks. Each of these is designed to make your life, as well as your tenants, much easier. Soon, bespoke checklists and tenant onboarding will be live on the professional package too.

Dashboard Rent Widget

Ensuring you know what is due to you when is possibly the most important part of your business. To ensure you can easily see this when you first log in to Arthur, there is now a rent widget on the right-hand side of your screen. Here you can easily see how much rent you are due today, how much you have received and – if you work for property owners – how much is due to be remitted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Arthur team!

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