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Version 3.1.6

Software Updates April 27th, 2018
Version 3.1.6

After months of testing, Arthur Online is happy to announce our integration with Advance Tenant Referencing, the first of our referencing integrations.

Referencing your tenants before they move in is best practice for any property manager. It can stop a lot of issues occurring further down the line by ensuring that potential occupants are going to be a good fit for you. As part of our mission to offer you the best end-to-end, connected solution for property management, We have now completed the first of our integrations with tenant referencing companies; Advanced Rent offer high-quality, industry leading references for prospective tenants. The integration means that with a click of a button, you can send all the information needed to reference the prospective tenant to Advanced Rent. The process can then be tracked within Arthur, as well as through email updates, with the final report coming into the system once again ready for you to download.

Alongside our new integration with tenant referencing services, we have been working hard on improving our messages area. You’ll now see a sleeker design within the conversations section, allowing you to view more conversations more easily. You’ll also notice you now have the ability to ‘close’ a conversation. Once a conversation comes to its natural conclusion, perhaps an issue was resolved, you no longer need to see this in your conversations area every day. ‘Closing’ a conversation will remove it from your main screen, hiding it in the Closed area. If you need to go in and get some information from it you can, but as you are no longer dealing with that conversation, you no longer need to view it. Other small changes have been made, such as the ability to send a message by simply pressing Contol+Enter at the same time.

We have also added some more sections in relation to our nearing integrations with RightMove, Zoopla and StuRents. You may have already noticed the new Images and floor plans section at both property and unit level. This is where your marketing photos for portals will be pulled from. The homepages from each individual property portal are also now on the system, you’ll be able to view them but they are still in BETA testing. Once we are happy that they are up to the highest quality, we shall release them.

If you have any questions relating to the newest release, please feel free to get in contact with a member of the Arthur Team.

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