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Version 3.2.2

Software Updates August 14th, 2018
Version 3.2.2

We are excited to announce that the integration with Zoopla and RightMove is finally live!

Alongside StuRentsRightMove and Zoopla are the market leading property portals in the U.K.
The integration means that you can quickly and easily advertise your vacancies to millions of potential tenants, removing double entry!

Why should you integrate Arthur Online + portals?

Arthur Onlne’s integration with RightMove/Zoopla ensures an easy and efficient way to market your properties. RightMove/Zoopla take details and images from Arthur Online, and as soon as a unit in Arthur Online is updated to available to let, Arthur Online will upload it to your portal. It will then update its status when it is under offer and let.

Your void periods will be lower than ever!

How to get started:

NB: You will need to set up a subscription separately with RightMove/Zoopla before integrating portals with your Arthur Online account.

If you are interested in using the portals integration, all you need to do is email either/both RightMove and Zoopla and explain that you would like to make the switch over to uploading properties through Arthur Online.

They should try to make sure most of the properties that you have synced in Arthur Online to RightMove/Zoopla match the properties you have on their live sites. They will check this and once they are happy (normally 1-3 working days) they will simply switch off one and turn on your Arthur Online branch.

When you are ready to link portals to your Arthur Online account, simply select your favourite marketing channel from your Store section.​

Should you have any questions, feel free to call us on +442071124860.

Keep an eye out for future announcements regarding training days, events and software developments!

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