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Update 3.3.2

Software Updates January 3rd, 2020
Update 3.3.2

Add a transaction at the point of a property owner remittance

Before remitting you may need to make an adjustment to an owner remittance. This can now be done at the point of remittance


Filtering by assigned unit mangers at tenancy level

There is now a filter on the tenancy index page to only show tenancies assigned to a unit manager


New add recurring screen



Charging in arrears

As a result of our new add recurring screen, you are now able to charge rent in arrears. This will be very useful for ground rent and commercial tenancies where rent can be charged for a period in arrears.


Universal credit payments

As a result of our new add recurring screen you now have a field “Expected payment date”. This will be very useful for clients with tenants on Universal credit and clients that have tenants that pay on a different date to the contract date. This replaces “grace days”


New page 3 of the add tenancy screen to reflect the new recurring

Mail Merge

We have now improved the ability to find variables for mailmerging





We continue to improve pages with all new releases

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