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Update 3.33

Software Updates February 24th, 2020
Update 3.33

Core system

1. Adding hyperlinks to general property and unit information

URLs that are typed into the information box will now be linkable. This will enable your tenants to link to an area outside of Arthur. This is linked to  Adding general information to your properties and units



2. When adding a new tenancy you can now set your default settings to certain fields

This includes:

  1. Tenancy type
  2. Contract type
  3. Tenancy status
  4. Whether or not a deposit is to be registered

We continuously strive to eliminate any risk of erroneous data entry. This is linked to customizing your add tenancy screen



3. Renewing or transferring a tenancy

This is now one function called “Change tenancy” which replaces the previous “Renew and “transfer” functions which had limitations.  This new function has no limitations and can be used with Xero and Quickbooks.

This is linked to the article  Renewing and/or moving your tenancy




4. More task type icons now available

We have added new icons that represent more items within the property. This is linked to the article  understanding task types




5. Mailmerge within rent review

You can now undertake a mailmerge from within the rent review menu.




6. Additional filters within the rent review index page

This enables you to now filter by date range and by property.




7. Emails going out with headers for tasks and work orders now only include basic information

Our clients have requested that we reduce the level of information provided in the headers of emails being sent out in regards to tasks and work orders. They now only contain:

Task email headers:

  • Task reference
  • Task type
  • Address
  • Date created

Work order email headers:

  • Work order reference
  • Work order service type
  • Address
  • Date created



8. Improved search within the archived area

Archived data for many clients are becoming substantial and we have now improved the search


9. Disabling team members access

Team members can have their access disabled within contacts>your team>disable access. If you want to reactivate access, you can enable access from the same dropdown menu. We no longer allow deletion.




10. Automatically void all transactions created after the end date of a tenancy

Clients now have the ability to void all transactions created after the tenancy end date within the events area. At the end of a tenancy, a scenario may occur where the update of the tenancy status in the system is overlooked. This can lead to the generation of incorrect transactions.

You can now enter the end date and tick to void all transactions created after that date. This linked to adding actions to events




Tenant app

1. The new design of the tenant app

Professional and enterprise users can add colors and logos to the tenant app. This linked to personalizing your Arthur account

Overseas users can change the currency on the app. This is also linked to the above article



2. Extend tenancy and end tenancy now reads “Request to end” and “Request to extend”

We have updated the wording in order to be as clear as possible that the tenants are making a request which requires review.




3. Verification of password to stop users reporting the app is not working

Tenants will be required to verify the password that they enter when initially signing up. This will reduce the risk of passwords being initially entered incorrectly which may subsequently lead to the tenants to falsely report that the app is not working when they try to log in.


4. Notifying tenants when they try and log in to the wrong app 

As an end-to-end solution, we have 4 different user group apps. Often tenants will download the incorrect app and log in only to find a white screen. To keep things clear and simple, we have now implemented a dialogue screen to inform tenants that they are trying to access the wrong app and they are directed to the correct one.


We are continuously improving the UI/UX of Arthur Online. Whilst some of the updates may be subtle, others are substantial.

In the pipeline:

An updated Property manager app is on the way and will be delivered by end of Q2 alongside many other great updates and add ons.

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