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Update 3.34

Software Updates April 29th, 2020
Update 3.34

Applicant Status and Source of Inquiry

With the new update, you are now able to display and manage applicants by the source of inquiry e.g. Facebook Marketplace and Rightmove.  Additionally, applicants’ sources of inquiry can be edited.

Those with Enterprise packages are able to apply their own custom statuses to applicants. This can be done either alongside or in replacement of the default statuses.

How to manage the source of inquiry and applicant status


New Beta Income Screen

We have introduced a new beta income screen on our platform. With this new screen, you are able to view all income revenue in one place. This includes direct rent, the mark-up on contractor jobs and agency fees.

From this page, all income can also be transferred to any accounts that are set up in Arthur and will show the status of a transfer.

Understanding the income screen


New Beta Cash Book Screen

Within financials, there is now a Cash Books page.  A cash book is a financial journal that contains all cash receipts, disbursements, and remittances.

Transfers from/to; incoming rents; tenant remittances; owner remittances and contractor remittances are all displayed on the new cashbook page, making managing them simple and easy.

Understanding the Cash Book screen


Facebook Marketplace Integration

We are delighted to announce that as of today, our listing partnership with Facebook Marketplace is live! Facebook Marketplace is a place for people to discover, buy, and sell items. By listing on Marketplace, you can reach tenants where they already are.

To maximize your use of the portal, we have created an easy guide to walk you through the steps:

  1. Setting up and preparing units to be posted onto Facebook Marketplace
  2. Posting units to Facebook Marketplace 
  3. Handling incoming applicants from Facebook Marketplace


Rent Guarantee for the HMO Market

Arthur’s partnership with Advanced Rent reduces the risk of income loss as a result of tenants failing to pay. Designed to provide HMO Property Managers with peace of mind, there are now insurance products available for HMO properties.

There is a strong possibility that Insurers will soon cease the availability of Rent Guarantee Insurance to new clients. Therefore by purchasing Rent Guarantee Insurance through Arthur today, you are reducing the level of risk of thousands in lost income.

There are five different insurance products available within Arthur, one for single lets and four for HMOs covering properties with 3, 4, 5 or 6 tenants.

If a reference was done in that last 12 months, then it is possible to either buy retrospectively with a 90 day no claim or a new contract will be issued and the insurance will commence from the new contract date.

If you haven’t purchased insurance at the point of referencing then any insurance purchased through advanced tenant referencing has a 3 month period of no claim.

Purchasing Rent Guarantee Insurance is, however, still worth it as you will be covered from month 4 and you will still have access to the initial deposit.

Through Arthur, you can buy Rent Guarantee Insurance even if you haven’t previously purchased Tenant Referencing via our platform. Find out more here.

Any claims by us must be verified by advance referencing. Please also note the option of Rent Guarantee Insurance assumes no rent arrears in advance of the contract start date.

Commonly asked questions about Rent Guarantee Insurance



Homeshift is a platform that offers your tenants the ability to set up and manages their key household services across electricity, gas, council tax, water, internet, and others from one place online via the Homeshift dashboard.

Earn introductory fees by offering this key service to your tenants, which can be done seamlessly on the Arthur platform. Homeshift will also cover the cost of your utilities (not water) during your void periods if they are the supplier to the property. Simply build a webhook and when you come to approve the tenancy the option to send to Homeshift will be available.

Your tenants will then be invited to set up their home services online in a few minutes saving themselves time, money, and effort.

Homeshift is already helping thousands of customers and works closely with hundreds of property groups across the UK. They will also pay for any void period for up to 28 days if they are the supplier to the properties.

Earn revenue with our easy to use the connection with Homeshift


Other Updates

General annoyances

While improving the system we continue to try and improve on 50 small annoyances per month. This month the team was able to get through 80.

Improvements to Batch Printing

Batch printing is now faster, saving you valuable time.

‘Days in advance’ is Back Due to Popular Demand

Days in Advance is a feature that allows transactions to be raised prior to the starting on/invoice date. Once set up, every time you add a tenancy with your chosen tenancy type, the Days in Advance feature will be automatically applied.

What is ‘days in advance’ and how to add it

Group Messaging Improvements

The improvements include being able to send group messages based on the status of the tenancy and to tenants in a certain area.


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