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Update 3.35

Software Updates May 4th, 2020
Update 3.35

New designs

Arthur is now starting to release changes to our user interface and user experience in our quest to simplify this growing platform. In this release, we are now using the full height of the screen by moving everything above the dashboard KPIs to the left-hand side panel.

This is the first of many changes over the coming months. We are introducing these changes slowly so users will not be expected to take onboard all changes in one go.


Checklists are now subtasks

We are in the process of moving checklists into subtasks. The first part of this change is that subtasks now appear on the task index page with a gauge on the progress of the subtasks. There are many more changes coming in this area over the coming weeks so as to improve the efficiency and automation of processes.

Please note subtasks are available for Professional and Enterprise users.


Index pages

We are improving columns on all index pages. This includes having fewer columns and more information per column. This will avoid users having too many columns going across a page and will help those on smaller monitors. In addition, we are adding dialogue screens to help users stay on the page they are on without having to go off.

The first one being released is the task index page. Others will follow with each release.


New Preferences area

In our attempt to improve the user experience, we are moving all areas that can be customised to an area called Preferences. This will be improved over the next few releases.



Team activity log

Enterprise clients can now track their team performance and activity within Arthur from a single screen. Click here to see how.

How to share unit details with an interested applicant

To see how to make use of this feature click here.

We will be looking to see how we can improve the workflow of this feature so as to incorporate this into automated emails going out when someone inquires.


Bug fixes and improvements

While making significant improvements to the system, we continue to try and improve with a further 25 more small annoyances fixed.

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