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Update 3.36

Software Updates May 4th, 2020
Update 3.36

Communication improvements


This release follows on from update 3.35 with a number of small changes and improvements.

Over the next few releases, we will be making improvements to our communications area.

This release (3.36) includes:

1. Setting a message back from having been read to unread. If set back to unread it will show to all property managers as unread


2. Setting up your communication preferences within the preference area.

This allows the user to set up the following:

  • When the message is read by one property manager it will be shown as read on all property manager screens
  • Senders name on all outgoing SMS’

To see how to click  here


Property owner remittance

For clients connected to Xero and Quickbooks we now have setting that allows users to sync across owner transactions once the remittance is generated.


Bug fixes and Improvements

A further 25 small improvements have been made to the system.


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