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Update 3.38

Software Updates July 10th, 2020
Update 3.38

This release is about further improving the user experience and flexibility of the system for various portfolio and tenancy types.

Tenancy sub-types

We are now allowing clients to create tenancy subtypes to further break down tenancy types. For example, under Tenancy Type, Residential clients may want to create the Subtypes “Student” “Assisted” “Professional” etc.

Additional filters will be added to the index page and over the next few releases, we will be updating the events area and reporting area to allow for subtypes. Click here for more information.


Rent billed to Councils for Social Housing clients

When adding a Council to contacts, we now have a tick box that when ticked will tell Arthur that the Council may also be responsible for paying rent. When adding a tenancy, clients can then choose from the drop-down menu who is responsible for the rent – the tenant or Council. To understand more click here.


[Preferences] Properties & Units

We have added a preference area to personalise property and unit pages.


[Preferences] Financial

We have added a preference area to personalise the financial area.


[Preferences] Financial – Choosing how to display receipts

When entering a payment you are able to set your preferences regarding how you want the receipt date to appear in Arthur.


[Preferences] Financial – Adding pre-created custom frequencies


[Preferences] – Personalising the look of automated emails

When sending emails via the event system we have improved the design and layouts which can now be customised. To understand more click here.



Improving the tenancy index page

We have improved the columns and the information presented on the tenancy index page.


Improving task and tenancy record page

In our continued effort to include more information on one page, we have started to add information to the tenancy and task pages on the right-hand side. We will continue to improve the information available on these and other records in future updates.



Virtual tour URL added to unit information to update portals

The virtual tour field is now available to use on the portals. Facebook currently does not support virtual tour but we understand this is in progress




Bug fixes and improvements

While making significant improvements to the system, we continue to improve smaller issues as well with a further 25 more small annoyances fixed this month.

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