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Update 3.39

Software Updates August 19th, 2020
Update 3.39

With this update, we have continued our mission to make Arthur the best it can be. Details of this release are below. Our roadmap until year-end is now closed and will include:

  • Bank feeds directly within Arthur and a new bank reconciliation screen within Arthur
  • A GoCardless feed directly within Arthur
  • A new closing tenancy screen that allows for repayment of deposits per tenant and per tenancy
  • A new deposit screen
  • Access management module
  • Automation of acquiring and surrendering a tenancy including a new referencing integration providing 24-hour turnaround using open banking technology verifying fraud and right to rent
  • Automatic routing of work orders within and outside of working hours
  • Improvements to the automated events area
  • General annoyances and some small improvements to improve workflows

Q1 and Q2 for next year are being finalised now and will be published before year-end.

The release of update 3.39 includes:


1. Custom fields

Available for Enterprise only

Custom fields enable clients to add additional fields to the summary screen for:

  • Properties
  • Units
  • Tenancies
  • Applicants/Tenants

To understand more click on how to create new sections on the summary screens with custom fields.



2. Using automation to create emails for late rent, move-in and, move-out that now embeds a statement

We have introduced new variables for overdue, outstanding and registered deposits to create improved automated emails for late rents and move-in costs.

These variables include:

“Tenant Overdue Transactions” – (Only includes overdue)

“Tenant Outstanding Transactions” – (All outstanding)

“Deposit Outstanding Transactions”


This is linked to:

How to notify tenants of late rent 

How to create a move-in statement

How to create a move-out statement


Sample: Automated late rent email.


Sample: Automated move-in email


Sample: Move-out email



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