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Update 3.40

Arthur News, Software Updates September 9th, 2020
Update 3.40

Update 3.40 includes further progress towards bringing a live bank feed and GoCardless into the Arthur software which, whilst not visible, is happening behind the scenes. What is available with the current update is listed below.


1. The new web version of Arthur’s tenant app

Tenants can now access a new web version of Arthur’s tenant app, which will resize on a mobile browser. This means that tenants don’t need to access Arthur via Apple or Android apps, they can access the tenant section on their phone’s browser. Access can be found via



The new web version resizes on mobile so there is no need to download an app (as seen below).


2. New COVID-19 alert area on tenant app

Tenants are now able to complete and share a COVID profile with their property manager which they are able to update. To understand more click here.

To see how this translates on the manager side click here.


3. New vulnerability area on the tenant app

Tenants can now fill out a vulnerability profile on the app before moving in, which can also be updated. To see how the tenants set up their vulnerability profile click here.

To see how this translates on the manager side click here.



4. Tenants can now take and add a meter reading within the utility area on their app




5. Further improvements to the tenancy, task, and work order summary screens

The update allows for more information to be shown on one screen without going off-page. Below shows a new tenancy screen which displays the last three tasks, work orders and messages, as well as having the ability to add new tasks, work orders and messages on the same screen.



6. Short stay emergency housing

This article looks at the workflow for creating and running emergency housing that gets charged on a nightly basis to the council. Choosing the tenancy type Short Stay with a tenancy sub type Emergency Housing gives these clients greater flexibility to charge nightly on a recurring basis which is based on a local authority charging cycle.  A new check out feature is now available improving the workflow for this type of tenancy.  To understand more click here.



7. Small improvements to the add tenancy screen

This includes more information shown on the right-hand side as you go through each of the 4 pages. This will help clients to not have to go back pages to confirm correct entries. Also on page 4, we have renamed transaction to Move in transactions to signify that these are one-off transactions payable on move-in.


Live Bank Feed

In the coming months, we will be launching our brand new reconciliation platform with a fully integrated live bank-feed, enabling you to streamline your rent reconciliation and other client account functions. Click this link to register your interest in the product and receive 60 days free.

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