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Update 3.41

Software Updates November 10th, 2020
Update 3.41

With this update, we continue with our mission to continuously improve our service offering. This release includes both financial and general improvements.

General Improvements

1. Handling notes

Notes will show at each level but we have introduced a tick box that will display related notes. For example notes at the unit level can display all notes related to the tenancies, tasks, work orders, and viewings that are associated with the unit. To understand more click here.

2. Creating customised triggers

Triggers are defined as scenarios that occur in property management on a day-to-day basis. When triggers occur they require tasks to be created and actions to be carried out.

We have pre-populated Arthur with over 200 system triggers and actions which Arthur will carry out on your behalf. There are also options for clients to create further customised triggers.

To understand more click here.




3. Manual customised triggers

Customised triggers that are triggered manually are now visible on the tenancy summary and task relationship. The created manual triggers will display on the right-hand side. You can also use customised triggers to create a library of default emails to be triggered from the tenancy screen. To find out how click here.



Within the task relationship:


4. Disabling tenant access to the app is now automatically set by the manager

Disabling access can now be set using custom triggers that will update the field within the tenancy>edit. To see how to click here.


5. Improved search from the main dashboard

We have brought back the search filter that helps users fine-tune where to search. To learn more click here.


6. Improvements to the unit index page

In line with our goal to improve our pages, we have redesigned the unit index page to better show data.


7. Improvements to the viewings index page

In line with our goal to improve our pages, we have also redesigned the viewing index page to better show data.


8. Bug fixes and improvements

While making significant improvements to the system, we continue to improve smaller issues as well, with a further 38 more small annoyances fixed this month.


9. Improved system reports using our new proprietary reporting tool

To find out more, click here.


Financial Improvements

1. Closing tenancy screen

Closing a tenancy and returning the deposit has now been made easier. To understand how please click here.


2. Adding tenancy tags to tenant invoicing screen

We have added tenancy tags to the tenant invoice screen so clients can filter by the tag areas, for example.



New beta property manager companion app

The property manager companion app v1 has been designed to help property managers access key information and action things quickly and efficiently out of the office. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding to its features, ensuring the app remains a true companion on the go.

Our current manager app will remain in the store for a period but will no longer be supported. We will move out from beta once we have released all planned features over the coming weeks. 

To understand some basic navigation features please see this summary of the manager companion app.

Go to the Apple and Android stores and search for Arthur Manager.

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