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Update 3.42

Software Updates December 2nd, 2020
Update 3.42

Update 3.42 further demonstrates our commitment to continually improving our service offering to our clients and includes both general and financial improvements.


New Key Management Module – Phase 1 (Phase 2 and 3 coming in the next releases for Enterprise users)

This first phase introduces a new section for all packages called Access Management. This replaces Access Details, allowing for better management of information.

In the next release, we will be introducing check-in and check-out along with automation and reporting to complement the new Access Management feature. Our API will also allow third-party key management companies to plug directly into Arthur.

Click here to to learn more about the new Access Management section.


Messages Viewable on the Dashboard

We have brought messages onto the dashboard so users can clearly see new incoming messages.


The New Beta Manager Companion App

Messages have now been added to the new beta companion app. Click here for more details about the companion app.


Filters have now been added to properties, units, tenancies, and messages. More filters will continue to be added 


Better Handling of Deposits with a new deposit Screen

We now list all deposit transactional and non-transactional information on a single screen. Please click here for more information on the new deposit screen.

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