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Update 3.37

Software Updates June 29th, 2020
Update 3.37

As part of our continued philosophy to simplify such a big system, we are continuing to improve the user experience with small-step changes to the user interface.


1. Further changes to the record screens

Record screens include:

  • Property and unit screens
  • Tenancy screen
  • Task screen
  • Work order screen

This release improves the amount of information shown on the main record pages, allowing clients to scroll rather than leave the page.

  1. A new summary screen– shows more information by scrolling, rather than using tabs. Over the next few releases, we will be using more of the right-hand side to display further information on the summary page or a record card.
  2.  Right-hand menu – has now been moved to the left-hand side to create space on the right that we will use over the next few releases.




2. Index page

To help users with smaller monitors, it is now easier to read the work order index page. The new columns, as with the task index page, display more information stacked so that clients can see all the useful information without scrolling across the screen. We will improve an index page with each release. The next release will update the tenancy index page.




3. Communication

  1. New manual events feature which is part of many changes coming to this area allows clients to build up a library of emails, notification, and tasks that can be sent from areas of the system at will.  To understand more click here.
  2. Replies via Outlook to incoming messages will look tidier and not display as long pieces of text.


4. New tenancy preference area

This allows for the personalization of all things tenancies.  To see how to click here.

This includes:

  1. General – Includes setting the default length of time for an expiring contract and move out to show on the dashboard
  2. Default – Sets up page 1 and page 2 of the add tenancy screen
  3. Financial – Sets up the add tenancy screen page 3 and a warning on page 2 regarding the amount of deposit to be taken
  4. Tenancy status – Allows for automatic switching of a tenancy status
  5. Contract types – Allows for additional contract types
  6. Tenancy history – Allows for the reason why the change of tenancy has occurred which is logged in the history of the tenancy
  7. Rent reviews – Allows for editing and adding descriptions for uplifts in rent reviews
  8. Tenancy transactions – Allows for bespoke transactions on page 4 of the add tenancy screen
  9. Tenancy recurring – Allows for bespoke recurring on page 3 of the add tenancy screen




5. Financial

a. Tenant sort code and account numbers. These bank details are found in tenancy>tenant>edit






b. Tenant invoice screen. We have added tenancy types for clients with mixed portfolios to filter by, for example, commercial tenancy types.



6. Bug fixes and improvements

While making significant improvements to the system, we continue to try and improve with a further 49 more small annoyances fixed.


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