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Update 3.2.7

Software Updates March 14th, 2019
Update 3.2.7

Here at Arthur Online we are always striving to improve our user experience on an ongoing basis.

This has been a milestone software release, and we have been working hard to include several new financial features, particularly in the areas of batch processing. Other improved areas include Mailmerge variables.

Batch Remit to Property Owners

As opposed to the standard way of processing remittances to property owners, the new Batch Remit feature will allow you to comfortably remit to multiple property owners at once. A real time saver for an otherwise slow manual process!

This feature is now available in Financials > Property Owner Remittance.

Click here for further guidelines on the Batch Remit feature!

Arthur Online

Print and Send Remittance Statements to Property Owners in Batch

This feature enables property managers to download multiple property owners’ statements in one go. Remittance statements can finally be emailed in batch to the respective property owners, just tick a few boxes and let Arthur Online do the rest!

Click here for our online guideline

Handling Floats on Arthur Online

We have revamped the way in which floats are handled on Arthur Online. A float is an amount of money some management companies/agents withhold from the rent collected for their landlords in order to deal with unforeseen property expenses or repairs.

When remitting to the owner you are given the option to deduct a float from the upcoming landlord remittance.

Click here for our online guidelines on Handling Floats on Arthur Online

Print and Send Rent Demands in Batch

Alongside batch remittance statements, you can now send Rent Demands in batch to your tenants.

Click here for further guidelines

Default start collection date:

This feature allows you to select a default start collection date for your tenants’ rental payments.

You can access this setting from Settings>Tenancy Settings.

Arthur Online

Options available include:

Start Date: Arthur will lay in the first rental invoice according to the tenancy start date

Next Collection Date: Arthur will lay in the first rental invoice next month

Mailmerge – Custom Variables

Another area of improvement on this release include the application of custom fields to your Mailmerge Templates.

Custom variables can now be applied in a quicker way and with more options to customise specific templates in your Documents>Mailmerge Templates.

  1. Just select a mailmerge template and click on the drop-down > Custom Fields

Arthur Online

  1. Enter the details of the new custom variable

Here you will be able to select the Variable type, which offer additional new options including Check boxes, Time fields, Date fields and many more!

Arthur Online

3. Go back into Custom Fields from the dropdownCopy/paste the new variables onto your word template and upload final file in Documents> Mail Merge Templates.

Arthur Online

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the live chat.

Keep an eye out for future announcements regarding training days, events and software updates!

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