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Update 3.2.8

Software Updates May 14th, 2019
Update 3.2.8

Here at Arthur Online we are constantly striving to improve our user experience!

In the past month we have been working towards enhancing the Applicant and the Viewings side of Arthur Online while also adding new features, like giving you the ability to share your unit information publicly!

Applicants and viewings

We have now replaced the Viewing section with a new section called Applicants on the left-hand side menu on the dashboard. Viewings can now be accessed from within Applicants.

Arthur Online

New Applicant status

Active – An applicant that is actively searching for a rentable unit

Inactive – Applicant is no longer looking for a unit

Tenant – Someone that was once an applicant, but a tenancy was created as a result of an offer

New Applicants overview

The applicants overview screen has been re-designed, offering improved navigation. It will be now easier to access the viewings history for a single applicant with an overview of matched units.

Arthur Online

The activities log provides a history of changes applied to the record, including created viewings, messages and status changes.

Matched units is a function of our Enterprise package. It allows you to automatically find the best applicant for your units.

Arthur Online

Matched units pick up the applicants’ requirements and search to find the best matched unit for your applicant.

Arthur Online

Unit activity

Unit activity shows you the viewing activity of that specific unit. You will be able to see other applicants that have seen this unit and the comments managers left as a result.

Arthur Online

Viewing Status

New viewings statuses are now available including

  • Pending
  • Enquired
  • Confirmed
  • Cancelled
  • Viewed
  • Not interested

Share your unit publicly!

The new Share Units feature is our favourite new addition! Arthur Online allows you to generate a professional-looking summary page for your unit, including descriptions, features, images and more!

Go into Unit screen > More > Share Unit

Arthur Online

Tick ‘Share this unit public’ and copy the link to paste onto a new web page

Arthur Online

Your professional Unit summary page is now ready to be shared with the wider public!

Arthur Online

Post the link on your website, share via email with a potential viewer, and boost your social media activity!

This version also includes performance improvements and bug fixes to make Arthur better for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the live chat with any questions 😊!

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