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Update 3.2.9

Software Updates July 11th, 2019
Update 3.2.9

Here at Arthur Online we are constantly improving your user experience!

This month’s release introduces a great range of additional features, including the ability to attaching files onto incoming messages and more!

Updated Dashboard Counters

New dashboard counters have been added to give you an easier overview of the progress on any digital signatures, tenancy references and new applicants generated.

New Applicants

This new counter will show you how many new applicants have been generated on that day.

Outstanding Digital Signatures

This new counter will help you keep track of your digital signature documents. It will now be easier to send signature reminders to avoid any delays!

Outstanding References

This new counter will allow you to keep track of any outstanding references.

New Time Limits for Viewings

We have now added a function to establish the duration time of a viewing. These viewing durations can now be added to your automated notification templates in Settings>Automated Events>Viewings.

Attaching images/documents to messages

Arthur now allows you to receive messages with attachments. The feature is not yet available for outgoing messages – this will be coming soon!

Step 1

Within your email inbox>send>attach the image>view in incoming message

Step 2

Viewed from within messages – documents (most common formats allowed)


Click here for further guidelines

New flow for renewing a tenancy

Arthur now allows you to easily renew your tenancies with a new flow.

This will enable you to automatically generate new tenancies with all the previous information already saved.

Step 1

Go to tenancy>menu>renew

Step 2

Choose to create new or edit existing tenancy

Create New Tenancy

This will provide all the information from the last tenancy on all pages of the add tenancy screen. If anything changes, for example a rent increase, you can make the changes as you go through the pages.  Otherwise, Arthur will assume the same terms apply.

Arthur will set the status of this new tenancy to “Approved” by default and assume the renewal is within the same unit. If these are different, you can make the changes directly yourself.

Click here for further guidelines

This version also includes performance improvements and bug fixes to make Arthur better for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the live chat with any questions 😊!

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