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Update 3.3.0

Software Updates August 13th, 2019
Update 3.3.0

Here at Arthur Online we are constantly improving your user experience!

This month’s release introduces a great range of additional features, including the ability to attaching files onto incoming messages and more!

Latest updates and improvements added to the system:

Assign task types to property managers

  • If you have specific managers that deal with specific issue types, you can assign them to the type so no other managers are disturbed by it.

Upload multiple images to inventory

  • Inventory is now included under the properties tab, which means that you can access inventory straight from the Arthur dashboard, rather than going via properties tab. You can now also upload multiple  images to an inventory at once, saving time and making inventory easier.

Identify missing documents

  • There is a new “missing” search field which means as a Property Manager, you can quickly and easily see what certificates have not been uploaded for a property  and which records are incomplete.

Calculate pro-rata rent

  • Renewing and tracking tenancies has been streamlined with a “renew tenancy button” within the “more” button in a property record. From the “more” button, you can go to an “add tenancy page” with all information fields already completed, saving time for any renewals.

This version also includes performance improvements and bug fixes to make Arthur better for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the live chat with any questions 😊!

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