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Update 3.3.0

Software Updates September 17th, 2019
Update 3.3.0

Arthur’s newest release encompasses updates to two key areas of the system: maintenance and financials. We’ve added some fantastic new features, as well as some subtle interface changes to make your life easier.

Rent Reviews

Rent reviews are important in both residential and commercial tenancy management. Arthur’s new rent review section will allow you track what form of rent review is allocated against that tenancy. It will also automatically:

  • Send emails, SMS messages and notifications
  • Create tasks
  • Serve notices
  • Update recurring charge amounts.

Furthermore, you can then ensure you have a complete list of rent reviews for you records. All of this decreases the amount of manual work needed and ensures that a rent review is not missed.

Rent review

To add your rent reviews, please go to the tenancy and select Rent Reviews. If you are unsure as to how you should be adding these in, either read this article or book a functionality tutorial.

Tenant suggested solutions

Maintenance takes up a large amount of time in any property management business and we’ve received a lot of feedback from you saying that it was slowing down your business growth or even preventing your ability to reconcile! Therefore, we have introduced ‘suggested solutions’. These suggested solutions are boxes that pop-up when a tenant selects an issue type. The aim of these boxes is to offer the tenant recommended guidance as to how they should look to resolve the issue themselves, or other pieces of information they should be made aware of before the issue is raised.

Tenant suggested solutions

We remain committed to ensure Arthur remains flexible, giving it the ability to fit to your business. These pop-ups are defined by you, so you can give your tenants the information you want them to know. To define these, please go to Task Types and use the drop down, to add in your suggested solution. Further to this, you can define icons for your task types too. If you’re struggling, read this article or book a functionality tutorial. *Pop-ups will be live on the tenant app 23/09/2019

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