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Version 3.1.0

Software Updates January 1st, 2018
Version 3.1.0

Happy New Year! From everyone here at Arthur Online, we hope you had a good festive period and are looking forward to a successful 2018. With a new year, comes a host of new announcements and functionality!

  • New Pricing: There are now three different subscription packages for Arthur Online: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Each subscription comes with its own level of functionality and support. But don’t panic! All existing subscriptions have been ‘grandfathered’, meaning you’ll carry on paying the same, with the same level of functionality, unless you choose to change.
  • Applicant Area: Applicants for viewings can now be added to Arthur with even more detail. By adding an applicant with this level of detail, you can easily assess whether the person is suitable for a viewing or to become a tenant. For those with Professional or Enterprise subscriptions, a personalised website form that feeds directly into Arthur Online is also available.
  • Reminders: Reminders are automated recurring messages you can send to user groups in Arthur Online. Available at property, unit and tenancy level, reminders can be used for whatever you want; from notifications about when rent is due, to sending a Season’s Greetings message.
  • Recurring Tasks and Workorders: Recurring Tasks and Workorders give you the ability to automatically recreate a task on a schedule. This means that the cleaning workorder you’ve had to add every month, can now be automatically created for you.
  • Checklists: Checklists have now been added to Tasks. They should be used when there are several things that need to occur to complete a task. By adding a checklist to a task, members of the management team are able to ensure all stages of the task are completed, whilst keeping track of what has been done already and what still needs to be done.
  • Permissions: Not everyone in your team needs access to every part of your Arthur Online account. Permissions allows you to turn access rights on and off for members of your team: only let your accountant see the financial information or stop other member of your team from generating reports on your tenants. Permissions puts you in control of who sees what and does what.

As always, we are looking to enhance the system, so keep your eyes peeled for more upgrades coming out soon, even to the new areas!

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