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Case Study- Ashgrove Property Services

Don't just take our word for it! Ashgrove Property Services migrated to Arthur from Tilt in November 2021, read about their experience throughout the migration process and how Arthur has already begun to transform their business processes.

One thing that was clear from the beginning was the great customer support Arthur has.

Maureen Vincent Property Manager, Ashgrove Property Services

We felt very comfortable asking any questions we had, knowing that they would be quickly and comprehensively answered.

How did you find the switch from Tilt to Arthur?

The transition for our team felt very comfortable and straightforward. We were clearly made aware of the stages of the migration process, what would happen, the resources available to us etc to make sure the switch was as simple as possible for our business.

How did this switch compare to system changes that you have experienced in the past?

When you combine excellent customer support with a clear, efficient migration process, it’s very reassuring for us knowing that the team will quickly get on board with the changes. This allows us to fully focus on growing the business.

What impact do you think Arthur will have on your agency’s efficiency?

 It’s a bit soon to say as we are still in the early stages post transition, but it definitely looks promising, particularly once we have mastered the financial side which we aim to do after Christmas. Having said that, with the automation features Arthur offers among others, we have a great opportunity to increase our efficiency throughout the business.

What was your main concern before you switched? Is this still a concern now?

We had no concerns. We knew we wanted to switch to Arthur because of how much time and money it would save us overall and throughout the process any questions that we had were answered in detail which gave us even more confidence in the system and its benefits for us.

Which additional Arthur features do you feel will have the biggest impact on your business?

Again we’re not quite sure yet at this stage as it is still very early on but given that Arthur has so many features that help increase efficiency, like automation and flexible financial tools, these will help the business grow.

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