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"Our business is always growing and Arthur has helped everything run a lot more smoothly"

Homesdale Property



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Letting Agent

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Letting agent

Using Arthur Online since

August 2017

Quote by Hollie Daniels-Pocock, Office Manager

After getting other team members on board and trained up using Arthur has benefited us by saving us lots of time

Hollie Daniels-Pocock Office Manager

Why did you choose Arthur?

We needed property management software as we were a growing business. We wanted something professional and intuitive. After meeting with various property management companies, we chose Arthur as it seemed to fit our business needs and requirements.

What are your biggest operational challenges?

As we continue to grow year-on-year, there is always a worry that things will get lost or processes will not be followed. We need a software that can ensure both of these things don’t happen. Furthermore, we want to keep growing so we need a software that can grow with us.

How is Arthur helping you overcome these challenges? 

  • Tenancies – Arthur allows us to easily see what stage the tenant is at with us, whether they need renewing or notice serving and all the relevant compliance documentation we have to keep track of.
  • Process management – By using Arthur, our staff can follow the processes we have put in place as we have built automated tasks and checklists for employee’s in the system. This is really useful as it means even if someone is off sick, we know what stage they are at in a task and what we have to do to stay on top of things.
  • Scalability – Arthur is intuitive and copes well with our ever increasing portfolio. It’s also easy to teach any new staff what they need to know

How did you find the on-boarding process?

The largest challenge was setting up all our past tenants who had been with us for many years. This entailed transferring all of our opening balances and making sure everything matched up with our old system. The process was quite straight forward, there were a few errors on our part but the Arthur team helped us the whole way through and now we couldn’t be happier.

What add-on features have you found most useful?

The Xero integration is obviously great and saves us a lot of time. But, we really find the SMS messages a great feature – people are much more likely to look at a text about a viewing rather than an email, it’s helped us cut out no-shows.

What do you think of Arthur’s ongoing customer support?

Arthur’s customer support is very helpful and are always answering our questions whenever we need their help (which isn’t very often anymore!).

How much has your business grown since you started using Arthur?

Our business has grown by about 25%! Homesdale is always increasing the portfolio and Arthur has helped everything run a lot more smoothly.

How much time has using Arthur saved you and your team?

After getting other team members on board and trained up using Arthur, our business has benefited as it has reduced the amount of administrative tasks that need to be done on a daily basis by a considerable amount.