Experian via Creditbuilder

Credit Builder’s software is fully integrated with Experian’s Rental Exchange and lets agents run comprehensive rent reporting services for all of their tenancies. The rental payments of tenants will be automatically reconciled and reported to Experian.  The Credit Builder platform is designed to help tenants improve their credit history by building up a validated rental record which they can share with future landlords and financial institutions, such as mortgage providers and other lenders.  By encouraging tenants to pay their rent on time Credit Builder helps to reduce rental arrears for property managers.

Key Features:

  • Incentivise your tenants to pay on time by integrating to Experian, allowing tenants to build their Credit score by paying their rent on time
  • Seemless integration between Arthur and Experian via Creditbuilder


  • Arthur account (all packages)


  • Standard – £60 one-off charge – then- £0.18/unit/month
  • Professional – £55 one-off charge – then – £0.15/unit/month
  • Enterprise – £50 one-off charge – then – £0.12/unit/month