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We are a listing partner for Facebook Marketplace

Use our integration with Facebook Marketplace to get get your properties in front of a new audience at no extra cost.

What is Arthur?

Cloud-based, end-to-end property management software with a functionally rich suite of apps, designed with your business in mind. Boost efficiency, save time and focus on what really matters.

Be fully connected

The only software on the market where you can seamlessly manage all stakeholders with dedicated apps.

Integrate with apps

Everything you use, connected. Effortlessly integrate with a full suite of market-leading online tools.

Manage your finances

All your information on one dedicated financial console, directly integrated with world-class cloud accounting software.

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Benefits of the integration

Free to use and list

Reach a new audience

One click activation

From letting enquiry to offer accepted in 4 days

Take a look at how our free integration with Facebook Marketplace worked together with Arthur’s automation features to manage a Property Manager’s entire applicant journey, from finding a prospective tenant to securing a move-in date.

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Property Manager, London, UK

“The Facebook Marketplace integration is free and easy to use. Since using the integration, I have received a high number of quality applicants quickly and simply.”