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Document management

Share your documents

Sharing important documents securely can be challenging.

Arthur’s web portals optimize document sharing between all stakeholders.

Owners can check performance and finance updates and have easy access to important documents, work orders and reports.

Tenants can access tenancy agreements, EPC and gas safety certificates.

Contracts can be signed digitally, completed documents are then stored securely on Arthur’s database which has unlimited storage space.

Documents and certificates can be signed digitally and stored within the app and are accessible to tenants and managers at any time

Dannielle Read, Administrator, Kexgill



Give property owners and tenants instant access to important documents

Sign contracts digitally and store them securely in the cloud

Take full control of how documents are shared

Flexible document access rights

Give document access to certain groups while restricting access to others: Access can be given to tenants, contractors, property owners or a combination of these groups. Access can also be given to specific individuals.

The ability to share documents with certain groups makes our lives so much easier.

Martin Wills, Transformation, Planning and Operations Director

It means any documents we share (legal or not) are always available to certain groups without us having to e-mail them individually.


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