Task management

Arthur Task management

  • Arthur makes task management simple and easy.
  • Tasks can be created for properties, units and tenancies.
  • Tasks and task lists can be viewed by multiple users simultaneously.
  • You can track the progress of task completion such as onboarding new tenants, maintenance work and much more.
Having a system that lets you track a variety of jobs for each of our properties has transformed the way we manage our team. We are now so much more efficient.
Josh Keegan, CEO, Zest Properties


Identify and resolve maintenance issues quickly and effectively

Embed checklists

Split your tasks into smaller steps with checklists, which can be embedded into any task. This is particularly helpful for tasks that occur frequently.

Having checklists embedded into our tasks is so helpful. Instead of having several tasks for one property, everything can be condensed into a checklist. The checklist allows us to see what has been completed and who has completed the task, which makes it easy for other members of the team to pick up where someone else left off.
Aron Warfman, CEO, Blossom Estates


Add checklists of routine activities to any task or event, this saves you from having to manually recreate them

Monitor ‘who has done what’ at a glance

Prioritise tasks so the most important things get done as quickly as possible

Manage your team efficiently and effectively – keep on top of everything from one place

I’m ready to transform my management processes


Schedule tasks for a future date

Use Arthur to set regular reminders for recurring tasks. Automate reminders to be sent via e-mail, text or in-app notificatons to any of your stakeholders.

Having repeating reminders has really helped. We send regular reminders to our tenants to complete routine tasks like taking the bins out. This makes us feel like we’re doing our best to ensure our properties are being well looked after.
Norman Wint, Senior Accounting, Apax Support


Use recurring tasks to automate your workflows

Send regular notifications to any of your stakeholders

Effectively communicate

Communicate with your stakeholders in a variety of ways, whether automated or ad hoc. Everyone knows what to do and when to do it and having all correspondence in one place makes it easy to track, minimising issues from miscommunication.