Tenancy management

Tenant referencing

Choosing the wrong tenants can lead to costly repairs and time-consuming evictions. Through its integration with Advanced Tenant Referencing, Arthur lets you carry out comprehensive applicant reference checks with just a few clicks. You can even track progress, so you can see where the process is being held up and act accordingly.

We’ve really benefited from carrying out reference checks easily and conveniently. We simply enter the relevant reference number and the rest is taken care of.

Norman Wint, Senior Accounting and R&B, Apax Support



  • Track the progress reference checks in real-time
  • References include 6 years of credit history, address verification and related address summary, employment and income verification, landlord references and verification, affordability analysis and guarantor validation and suitability check
  • All results are approved by DAS – Europe’s leading rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance provider
  • No need to call previous landlords
  • Maximize the chances of finding high quality tenants

Make decisions based on sound data with advanced reports


Create custom checklists

Create template checklists and assign them to specific tasks. For example, you can build your own tenancy onboarding flow so your team always follows the correct steps


Printing and signing tenancy contracts can be time-consuming. Arthur’s integration with Signable means your documents can be signed quickly and easily online.

Rather than e-mailing or posting contracts to each signatory, Signable stores all documents in one convenient place which can be accessed via web links. You can also track progress and send reminders where necessary.

Before Arthur we had to go to the property to get the contracts signed. With Signable, everything can be completed remotely, and all records are stored securely in Arthur, which has really helped with disputes.

Richard Purseglove, Owner, Purseglove Property



Avoid postal delays and costs

Track progress: see who’s signed and who hasn’t

Tenants can sign from anywhere, on any device

Signable adheres to and exceeds the latest electronic signature laws

Save money, time and the planet!

Tenant statement

Effectively communicating with tenants is key to running a successful rental business.

Keeping tenants up-to-date about upcoming rents and other related outgoings gives them time to plan, so there’ll be no surprises for all parties.

Arthur's comprehensive tenancy statement allows you to stay on top of rents with automated reminders. It also lets tenants see historic transactions and other charges they may have incurred.

When an invoice is generated in Arthur, our tenants can see it on their statement, and there are automated events to remind them when to pay. Our incidents of late rent payments have decreased dramatically since we started using Arthur, and we spend far less time chasing tenants.
John Rose, Director, Rooms in Kent


  • Tenants can access vital information about their expenses, so they’re never caught out
  • Significantly reduce late payments by keeping tenants up to date with automated reminders


Use Arthur’s fully flexible automation feature to automate any task.

When an event occurs, you can set Arthur to respond in one of hundreds of ways, including sending a reminder, setting up a task or a combination.

This powerful feature can save countless hours and virtually eliminates the chance of issues arising due to human error.

With Arthur, we’ve been able to systemise things and make our workflow much smoother. We particularly like how you can automate virtually any task.
Richard Purseglove, Owner, Purseglove Property