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Landlord software with mobile apps for all user groups


A landlord software online solution that provides native apps for Apple and Android phone for: property managers, property owners, tenants and contractors. These are all free to download.

landlord software online

landlord software online

Letting agents and those users that do not have Android or Apple accounts can make use of the mobile web version of Arthur at > go to mobile version.

Access your data any time (requires internet connection)
The mobile app requires a mobile data connection to work. It will not work offline.

99% functionality of main app
The mobile app is feature rich. It has 99% of the function found on the web.

User experience and always getting better
We are striving to improve the mobile experience and make it the best it can be. We have an ‘open-door’ policy when it comes to user feedback and value any thoughts and opinions you may have.

Built for the future
The mobile app is built using the latest in mobile technology to make sure it is compatible with the most recent operating systems.