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Message your tenants, agents, contractors etc. through the Arthur system and keep track of all communication in the same system


The online landlord software, Arthur, allows all outgoing and incoming messages to come into one management platform. This ensures messages are audited and archived for future reference against a tenancy or property. Instead of using texts, email, calls, and WhatsApp, where messages are often lost and misfiled, Arthur keeps everything within the same platform and related to the correct thing which makes managing easier. When a message is posted on Arthur, the recipient will receive an email. The recipient can simply reply to the email which will feed back into Arthur. It is only the first message that needs to be sent via Arthur, all further correspondence can be done via the person’s email account. Arthur will audit the trail for future reference.

  • Send messages to any of your contacts directly through the property/landlord messaging landlord
  • Keep a record of all the communications you send and receive
  • Access all property management related messages through the cloud, from anywhere at any time
  • Automated your messages from welcome packs to rent demands

Landlord Messaging System in the Cloud Explained

Post messages to any contacts

The welcome email that is sent to the tenant at the start of the tenancy should contain details as to the preferred method of contact. The default email on Arthur notifies all invited parties that using Arthur as the communication channel is the preferred route. By bringing all your communication onto your portfolio management system, you not only professionalise your systems but make your life easier.


Group messaging

Messages can be sent in bulk to all members of a chosen group e.g all tenants in a block, selected tenants or all contractors. This allows you to save a lot of time when, for example, notifying tenants of a viewing.


Accessible on web and mobile any time

Messages can be viewed at any time and on any device with users able to respond immediately to anything they receive. An accompanying email is sent of the message posted.

Email (and reply in email)

Only the initial message needs to be from Arthur, all replies can be from within the email. The replies will feedback automatically into Arthur’s property management software. This offers a win-win solution for all groups.


Messages can be searched using Arthur’s powerful search algorithm. Simply enter a word like ‘oven’ and all messages with the word ‘oven’ will be retrieved, thus allowing you to manage maintenance requests easily.