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A property management solution for any size portfolio


Whether you’re a small buy to let landlord , larger landlord or an agent that offers property management, Arthur has something for everyone. Manage your portfolio smoothly from initial viewings through to ending tenancies. Create your own tasks and automated actions to ensure everything is covered and automatically carried out throughout the process, from tenants moving in to tenants leaving and everything in between. Use your PC or mobile dashboard to ensure nothing is missed such as late rents, expiring tenancies, expiring certificates and notices.


Arthur has Simple transparent pricing. We only charge on a per unit basis – See pricing matrix

  • No Set up fee or licence fee
  • No minimum period
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Unlimited number of stored documents

Invited Users

With Arthur, property management is made all the easier as a result of property managers inviting their tenants, contractors, letting agents and owners making Arthur a truly integrated platform. On Arthur PC web, mobile web and mobile app interfaces are available. As an integrated platform your invited users are able to participate in the running of the tenancy.

  • Tenants
    Raise an issue and follow to completion, easy access to tenancy information, documents and rental statements.
  • Contractors
    Easy access to the job information, tenant information and property access details. Issue quotes and invoices from their mobile.
  • Letting Agents
    Input viewings, upload and download documents as well as a host of other functions to help the property manager.
  • Property Owners
    Access to statements, documents and workorder flow. Complete transparency from your asset manager.

Sharing documents

Property management can be laborious where documents are involved. Arthur allows the sharing of documents with a simple tick of a box. The integrated approach means documents are easily shared.

Manage Workorders

Property management can be stressful when it comes to maintenance.  The integrated platform allows the tenants to raise and track their issue and contractors to have everything they need too to accept and complete the jobs.


Whether you’re a small landlord, portfolio landlord or letting agent, with Arthur, you can manage your tenancy accounting easily and effectively. From simple rent reconciliation to full client accounting, Arthur has something for everyone. Know when rent is due, when it arrives and when to chase it. Pay landlords, deduct fees and manage bills all from one screen. Manage unallocated payments and reconcile your end of month accounts. You can also setup automated rent demands. Invited owners and tenants can view real-time statements while invited contractors can issue invoices on the go and view when invoices are paid.

For those that need full business accounting, we integrate with Xero and QuickBooks accounting packages.

Hire Contractors

Property management can be made difficult by contractors. Arthur allows property managers to invite their own private contractors or access Arthur’s growing list of rated public contractors. Why only rely on your own contractors? Arthur makes it easy to access other contractors, view their services and pricing and offer them work.

Training and Support

Start to make property management less stressful with Arthur. To help, Arthur provides training and support with an allocated account manager to help you. Tailored training is available to help you get started using our online scheduling tool as well as online help and videos.

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