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A property rental software solution that helps everyone

This property rental software solution has helped many landlords of different sizes. We have received many independent reviews and continue to strive to improve Arthur.

“Arthur claim their app is revolutionary, I can honestly say it is. Arthur has made us super-efficient and whenever we have any questions, the team at Arthur are so quick to respond.”

“Arthur is definitely the way forward. I can now manage everything on the go. My phone calls and workload have reduced substantially and I now feel much more in control.”

Property managers and Landlords

“Property rental software with so many great features at such a small cost. My tenants love the app and I especially love the access to contractors. This has changed my view about managing things myself.”


“I got over £10,000 of work from one job that cost me just £2.50 to accept. It’s so much cheaper than advertising. Thank you Arthur!”

“Arthur is the most transparent  tool yet. Everything I need on the go to get the job done.”

“The reviews I get have helped me get more work.”


“My landlord is so modern he provided me with an app when I moved in.”

“Never rented before where the landlord has an app.”

Letting agent

“Its really great that I can keep the landlord up to date with viewings.”

“Having access to the property documents is really useful.”