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New jobs

A rental management software that allows a property manager or landlord to invite their contractors. Once invited they are able to receive new jobs on the go via the their mobile app. An accompanying email is also sent to the contractor for those without an app with buttons to accept or reject the job.

Accept and track issues

Once accepted property managers, invited owners and invited tenants are able to track the progress of the tenants raised issue.

Details about tenancy (description, urgency, budget, tenants)

The invited contractor has all information at hand to deal with the problem including: the description, the urgency, the budget and the tenant details.


Related documents can be added to the workorder and shared with the recipients with ease.

Access details

Any access details such as alarm codes and the location of keys are available only once the job is accepted for security reasons.


Invited contractors are able to update utility readings if required.


Once a job is completed the contractor can invoice from the job.



All messaging to the relevant parties can be done from the app. Any communication between contractor and tenant is by default viewed by the property manager.


Arthur receives micro-payments for jobs accepted by public contractors. The price of £2.50 + vat is applied. If the job is quote only then no cost is applied. If the invited contractor is private to the property manager then no cost is applied.

Mobile app

Mobile apps are available for free download from Apple and Android store. For those that do not have accounts with Apple or Android then the mobile web app is available.