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Stay in Control with the overview panel across the portfolio


Your rental property dashboard

To track all aspects of your rental property, the dashboard on the PC and mobile has been carefully laid out so that access to any area of interest is made easy. An overview area will give the property manager real-time information about all aspects of the portfolio.



With Arthur, system generated or manually generated tasks can be handled, tracked and archived for future reference making managing a rental portfolio much more efficient.

manage tasks


To accompany the calendar, Arthur will send out a daily email to the property manager with what is happening in your portfolio today and 7 days ahead, ensuring nothing gets missed.

property portfolio management


Arthur has been engineered so that the property managers and landlords can programme Arthur to carry out their day to day action automatically when an event occurs. Events are defined as something that needs a corresponding action. e.g a viewing, late rents, tenant moving etc. This meaning less time at you desk managing a rental portfolio.

Communication with users

Arthur will keep all user groups up to date with accompanying emails and SMS messages when an action is carried out.