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Automated events

Rental software for landlords and property managers  is designed to carry out many of your day to day actions, Arthur has at its heart an area called manage automated tasks where the property manager can set up his own actions that they would like carried out in line with their business practice. This powerful tool enables the user to take a more relaxed approach to management.


For larger portfolios data can be imported in a few easy steps. Help is at hand as importing data is a precise science. We advise you don’t do the actual import. Please send us the data and we will review it and upload it for you free of charge.

Export (archive my data)

Archiving data is a simple process. An email will be sent with all your data presented as a .CSV file.

Multiple accounts

If the user has multiple accounts under one email they can switch accounts very simply as Arthur will link the emails. They do not need to log out and login as a different user. For example a property manager who is also a contractor or an owner that has properties under different ownerships can simply switch accounts within the app.