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The status of the tenancy

Residential renters form the tenancy. In Arthur the tenancy has eight statuses. These are prospective, approved, current, expiring, periodic, ending, past and rejected.

tenancy status

Tenants (invite and send messages)

When a new tenancy is added the property manager and landlord can invite the occupants to the account. The invitation is editable and gives links to the web, Apple and Android stores.




Notices can be served online with an automated accompanying email notifying the occupants of a notice. All accompanying documents are uploaded and shared with the tenants and any other invited chosen users such as letting agents and owners.


Tasks (and automated tasks)

With Arthur, an automated action follows an event. An event is defined as something that requires an action. For example a tenant moving in, a notice being served or a tenancy status being applied. The property manager can programme Arthur to create defined tasks and actions. For example a tenancy status set to current is the event. One action could be send an email to council tax with details of the tenancy.

automated events engine

Events Move in and Move out

These two important events which, if required by the property manager, will generate automatic tasks and actions. For example: Moving in date entered can generate an email to the tenant confirming their date and information about what will happen. Apart from the property managers, letting agents and contractors can edit move in and move out dates. A record will be kept in the activity log of who enters the date.


Initial monies

Dealing with tenancy accounting has never been easier. Arthur has a developed an intuitive first screen that, when filled in (optional), will set up the financials for that tenancy. Property management accounting made simple.


Recurring charges

Setting up recurring charges such as rent and commission has never been easier. Whether it is creating unusual collection frequencies, setting up multiple collections or payments, Arthur’s property management software is very flexible.


Rent tracking

Property managers can track rents using Arthur’s rent reconciliation screen. Simply tick off incoming rent against your statement or enter part paid rent.


Tenancy documents

Property managers, invited contractors and invited letting agents can upload and share documents with the tenants with a simple tick of a box.


Work orders

Workorders raised as a result of a tenant raising an issue can be viewed and followed through to completion by the tenant.



Real-time tenancy statements can be viewed by the tenant.


Letting agents

With Arthur, the invited letting agent can add prospective tenants and corresponding documents to the property manager’s account.

letting agent software