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Tenants have piece of mind from good technology


Overview of their tenancy

Invited residential tenants have an overview of their tenancy which includes: tenancy dates, rental amount, bank details of where the rent is paid, deposit details and property manager details.


Raise issues (type of description, documents)

Invited tenants can raise an issue and attach files such as photos and videos to accompany that issue.


Track issues

Invited tenants can track the progress of the issue through to completion.


Adding a photo or video to their issue

This is particularly useful where a tenant’s English may not be their first language or the problem needs supporting documents.


Update their details

Invited tenants can update changes in their details such as phone numbers. You will be notified by email of any changes to tenants details.


Invited tenants can access all documentation associated with their tenancy or unit.


Inventory and utilities

Invited tenants have information regarding added inventory during their tenancy and utility information such as meter serial numbers and readings.




Invited tenants have access to real-time rental statements.




Invited tenants can message the property manager or contractor allocated to their repairs.



Invited tenants have free access to their accounts.

Mobile app

Invited tenants can download for free the Apple or Android app. If they don’t have an Apple or Android account, they can access the mobile web version on their phone.