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 Ensure your tenants agreements and payments are managed effectively with a cloud based tenancy management solution


  • Give owners, agents, managers, tenants, contractors and accountants to the relevant information for their needs
  • Ensure on time payments with full transparency and ease of access
  • Update everyone at the same time with changes to tenancy agreements
  • Integrate the system with your existing accounting software package for maximum efficiency

Financial arrangements for tenancies can often be complex and time consuming to keep track of. Which is where the Arthur property management software comes into its own. With its cloud-based functionality and full range of features, you can keep on top of all the relevant documentation at anytime, from anywhere. You can also ensure your tenants are aware of any changes by giving them access to the relevant information for them – leading to more effective ongoing communication and keeping everyone happy.

Tenancy Management Financials Software Explained

Basic financials

Arthur Online’s tenancy management software has a simple financial module that includes both your tenant and client accounting. For full business accounting Arthur integrates with Xero and QuickBooks.

Arthur’s financials will provide you the ability to carry out:

  • rent reconciliation
  • creating recurring charges at regular or irregular intervals e.g. student rent
  • Tenant closing statements
  • Property owner statements
  • Late rent warnings and demands

Tenancy financials

Managing a tenants financial status is a key element of property management; Arthur allows you to do this. The system includes managing the tenancy statement, creating tenancy closing statements and managing late rents. In addition, all disbursements are made through this same screen to ensure no payments are missed.

Recurring billing

Setting up a recurring charge such as commission or rent is very easy with Arthur’s ‘Add Recurring Charge’ screen. This ensures that recurring charges are generated without the need for human intervention.

Setting up the tenancy statements

Via a single screen, Arthur gives you the ability to set up all the recurring charges related to a tenancy, including all commissions. This screen is made available when you first add a tenancy. Alternatively, one can set up all these charges manually via the recurring tenancy charge screen.


Remitting to property owner for payment is an easy process. Once a tenants’ financial have been receipted, simply select the transactions to remit to ensure the tenant statement is a true representation.

Rent reconciliation

Rent reconciliation and sending late rent demands are core functions of the system. Automate late rent demands through Arthur’s automated events engine and even send rent reminders before it’s due. Rent reconciliation is a simple process involving Arthur and your bank statement or just your choice of accounting system with a live bank feed.