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Glossary of System Reports

This article explains the main reports we have on Arthur.

  1.  Aged Tenant Balance
              Displays all outstanding tenant balances split by ’30 day’ age intervals. Filter by a given date range, transaction type or properties.
  2.  Contractor Report
              Shows a list of overall contractor balances and their invoices. Report can be filtered by contractor.
  3.  Management Fee Report (Also known as an Agent Fee Report)
              Report showing balances and charges paid to/by: Property Owner, split into ‘Remitted’ and ‘Yet to be Remitted’. Filter by a date range, transaction or property.
  4.  Mark-Up Fee Report
              Report showing all mark-up fees. Filter by a date range or contractor name.
  5. Occupancy Report
              Breakdown of unit occupancy with percentages.
  6.  Overdue Transactions
              Lists all Tenants with overdue transactions
  7. Property Owner Remittance Report
              List of Transaction that have been remitted
  8. Property Income and Expenditure
               Breakdown of Income and Expenditure per property for Landlords using Arthur
  9.  Property Owner Balances
              Listing all property owner balances and their income and expenditure in a report. Filter by Property Owner and a specified date range.
  10.  Property Owner Contingency Report
              List of balances based on contingency transaction types.
  11.  Tenant Statement – All Transactions
             Displays Transactions directly relating to the Tenant Statement of each Tenancy.
  12.  Transaction Report
             List of all transaction  on your Arthur in detail.


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