How to add a single unit property

When adding a property in Arthur, you are creating the asset which contains your rent-able unit.

If you have more than 1 unit within a property set this up as a multi unit property e.g.  flats within a block.

Step 1

Create the property on the screen

Under property type choose what best suits your situation. Here are some examples

  • If your renting a whole flat the property is Residential and the unit is a flat
    If your renting rooms the property is HMO or Residential depending on if a licence is required and the unit is a rooms
    If you renting a house the property is Residential or Land (I prefer Land) and the unit is a house


Step 2

Create the rent-able unit

  • Please name the unit
  • choose unit types


What if I also manage the property as well as the unit within

Go to the property>edit>tick ‘I manage this Property’ and the  management function will appear in the right hand menu

property management


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