How to add a Single Unit Property

When adding a property in Arthur, you are creating the asset which contains your rent-able unit. This asset could be;

  • Land on which the house (rent-able unit) sits
  • Block in which the flat/s (rent-able unit) sits

*This shows for illustrative purposes residential units but the same applies to commercial units

The single unit property assumes no management of the underlying property asset so Arthur will direct you straight to the unit for the management. If there is a management requirement for the property, see below to find out how to do this.

If your rent-able units are all within a single property, set this up as a multi unit property e.g. if you have some flats within a block.

Adding a single unit property

Arthur needs to know:

  • Address of the property the rent-able unit belongs to
  • Arthur will assume that you don’t manage the property, just the unit. If this is not the case, for example if you manage a flat (unit) in a house (property) where you are also responsible for the house, then after creating the property go to edit property>tick manage image 2
  • Unit reference – see below. You could put, for instance, Flat 1, The house, shop etc. The Unit Address =(Unit Ref),( property address)
  • Arthur will assume by default that the unit is managed, see below.


I do manage the property as well

Go to the property>edit>tick ‘I manage this Property’ and the  management function will appear in the right hand menu


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