Understand how to use the applicant web form

For professional or enterprise only

As part of your package we provide you with a standard one size fits all form. To have your own bespoke form there is a charge of £190.00 + vat. Please contact us for further information on 0207 112 4860

How to use the applicant form

The applicant form is used to get information about your applicant into Arthur. The form can only be used one time for one applicant. Any updates must be done manually. The two scenarios for its use are;

Scenario 1

Putting a brand new applicant on Arthur who is not currently on the system.

URL: http://applicant.arthuronline.co.uk/{SLUG}/tenant/

Scenario 2 (Most common scenario)

Updating an existing applicant who is on Arthur but with limited information: e.g. You have created a basic applicant in Arthur whilst doing a viewing and now they want your flat. To add further information to that applicant you send an alternate URL, This URL enables information to an existing applicant to be updated.

URL: http://applicant.arthuronline.co.uk/{SLUG}/tenant/my-application

Please note:

*Once a final submission is made the applicant can no longer update the details from a form. Updates are made by the property manager manually

What is the slug

For each scenario below, there are different URL`s,  with the same information. To use the right URL you must simply replace the /(slug)/ with  your account identifier.

To locate your account identifier look in your browser address bar;

E.g. https://system.arthuronline.co.uk/myaccount/dashboards/index. In this example the account identifier (Slug) is /myaccount/ 


How do I know a form has been submitted

Once submitted by the applicant an email will go to all property managers with information about a new applicant – see copy of email below



How to brand your form

To add your logo and colours use the link below and again replace the slug again with your identifier

http://applicant.arthuronline.co.uk/SLUG/customise-me-123.  In this example again its /myaccount/



Can i create my own form to meet my business needs

Yes contact us to discuss. The cost of your own form is £195.00 + vat


Can I resend an applicant form to the tenant for more info once submitted?

No. Its a one time submission. Any alterations can only be done direct into Arthur. If you do the tenant will see the following;


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