Adding an Applicant

This article is linked to Understanding the tenancy journey

There are three ways to create an applicant:

  1. Manually from within Arthur.
  2. Via the web form. This is linked to Adding an applicant via a web form
  3. From a portal

1. Manually

There are two way to create a applicant manually:

  1. Directly via Applicants > Add applicant or via +Add
  2. When adding a viewing


Via a viewing

Arthur recommends taking at least a full name, number and email address in order to ensure applicants can receive automated emails and SMS messages. This information will also be important when creating a tenancy.

2. Via an applicant web form

Lots of Arthur users choose to embed a simple applicant form into their website to allow applicants to apply directly via their website. Note, the top two sections of Arthur’s standard applicant form must remain. Filling this form in will mean applicants cannot fill in a second form later.

3. From a portal

When you integrate Arthur with one of your marketing portals, any applicants the express an interest in a viewing are automatically transferred into Arthur as an Active Applicant. From here you are able to contact them to arrange a viewing

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