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How to add individual workorders , scheduled workorders and automated workorders

This article looks at adding

  • Individual workorder
  • Scheduled  workorders
  • Automated workorders

This article is linked to understanding  workorders

Individual workorders

Step 1 – Create details of the workorder

This can be done from

  1. Within a task
  2. From an expiring certificate
  3. On its own related to  property, unit, or tenancy
  4. Via automation – This is dealt with via  How to use automation to create a workorder based on a certificate expiring


Tick appropriate boxes and continue



Step 2 – Add contractors

This will now send the jobs to your contractors


How to schedule a workorder

Only available on Professional & Enterprise. This is available from the understanding the scheduler


How to add a system workorder

This can be found through understanding automation











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