Understanding Letting Agents Dashboard

 Frequently asked question:

Question: Can the property manager assign more than one agent to a unit

Answer: No but we will be allowing this in the future

Question: Can the letting agent get access to tenants contact details if they were not the agent that let the original tenancy

Answer: Yes

Question: Can the agent app be customised by the property manager

Answer: No as the agent  may have other properties managers who use Arthur. This one account will have all properties managed by different property management companies

Question: Can the agent access documents and upload documents

Answer: Yes

Question: Can the agent create a document from the property managers uploaded AST

Answer: Yes

Agents  View

  1. Dashboard giving an overview of data
  2. Unit availability status and unit data
  3. Viewings and viewing information
  4. Tenancy status and tenancy data
  5. Calendar of viewings
  6. Documentation shared by the property manager and uploaded by the agent
  7. Property manager contacts
  8. Reporting function
  9. Edit details

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