How to allocate receipts

This is used when you have charges that need to paid off with a receipt of money.  e.g The tenant has paid you in advance of the rent due or you have received an amount of money to pay off several charges.

This article is linked to How to Unallocate Linked Transactions

Individually within a tenancy

Step 1

Go to the Tenancy>Statement>Add Transaction>Select Tenancy Receipt

The receipt has been created and is awaiting charge:

Step 2

Next, allocate the Receipt to the Charge.

In Batch

*Disclaimer: to use this feature go to financial settings and make sure’ disable rent settings’ is not ticked*

Go to Financials > Unpaid Tenant Invoices


Go to Financials > Rent Reconciliation

Step 3

Select unallocated credit from filter

Step 2

Enter the receipt amount and match it with the unallocated credit

Step 3

Tick the box and select the transactions you want to allocate and click ‘Post Selected Rents’


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