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How to unallocate linked transactions

This article is linked to How to allocate transactions

Go to Tenancy Statement (Note: This can be done on any statement)

To unallocate linked transactions is a different process for:

  1. Non Xero/Quickbook users
  2. Xero/Quickbook users


1. Linked Tansaction Non Xero/Quickbook users

Go to statement>unallocate from within the receipt

This will seperate out the transactions

The Statement now shows the charge with the allocated receipt removed:


2. Linked Tansaction Xero/Quickbook users

Arthur`s default position is for clients NOT TO unallocate in Arthur but to carry out the unallocation in Xero. The sync from Xero to Arthur will carry out the unallocation in Arthur. The reason for this is that if unallocated in Arthur the sync DOES NOT unallocate in Xero.

Inorder to avoid user error there is a switch in financials>Xero>enable payement restrictions which is switched on meaning the unallocation option is not available whilst connected to Xero/Quickbooks. Only switch off for advanced users who carry out unallocation in two systems. This though is not recommended.



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