How to Set-up Custom Analysis Codes

Analysis Codes are codes that describe the details of your transactions on a ledger. Arthur allows you to create bespoke transaction types which can be mapped directly to your accounting software’s (Xero/QuickBooks) chart of accounts. To create a code go to Financials>Analysis Codes:


Three types of analysis codes you can create:  

Charge – Debit (Invoice) [must always have an opposite type]

Charge – Credit (Credit notes) [must never have an opposite type]

Receipt – Credit (Receipts/Payments) [does not need an opposite]

In this example we are adding a charge to the tenant for a check-in fee.

Paid to/by: refers to who the transaction relates to.

Statements: The transactions will be visible and will relate to the following: Tenancy Statement – Tenant; Tenant Deposit Statement – Tenant; Property Owner Statement – Property Owner; Contractor Statement – Contractor

For further information about image the above read this article: How to Charge a Tenant and generate a Receipt for Property Owner (Custom Analysis Code)

To add your new transaction type go to: Tenancy>Statement>Add Transaction:


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