How to Archive/Restore a Property, Unit and Tenancy

Arthur does not allow for permanent deletes. You can Archive which removes the property, the unit or the tenancy but with option to restore  **Archived units will not be charged  

You can archive at any of the levels below:

  • Property. This will archive all units, tenancies within it
  • Unit. This will archive all tenancies within it
  • Tenancy

Everything associated with properties, units and tenancies will be archived including:

  • Tasks
  • Workorders
  • Viewings
  • Financials
  • Communications
  • etc

Archive Property

In your Dashboard, select Properties and open a property. Next click on More and choose Archive Property.

Archive Unit

Select Properties>Units>Open a Unit. Click on More and choose Archive Unit.

Archive Tenancy

Select Tenancies>Open/View a Tenant. Click on More and choose Archive Tenancy.

Confirm archive

After selecting Archive Property/Unit/Tenancy, you will see the screen below. To continue click Confirm.

Next, press Start to begin the archive:

Restore Archived Records

You can restore a record at any point. To reverse the process: Go to Settings>Your Account>Archived Records

archive records

Next, locate the record you would like to Restore and by clicking on the arrow select Restore:


Finally, select Start to begin the process.

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