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Archiving & restoring your data

Arthur does not allow for the permanent deleting of properties, units, and tenancies. Archiving simply removes this data with the option to restore at a later date

Please Note:

  1. For live accounts, any archived units will not be charged for
  2. An archived record will not show on any reports or on backed-up data files. Only active data will show
  3. For dormant accounts where all records are archived for future access, Arthur will apply the minimum spend based on your package for continued access.  We suggest you move your package to standard in order to pay the minimum
  4. Do not leave any outstanding transactions when archiving. Please check and void

How to Archive

You can archive at any of the levels below but the consequence of doing so will be different.

  • Property level. This will archive the properties,  all related units, and tenancies 
  • Unit level. This will archive the unit and all tenancies related
  • Tenancy level. This will archive that specific tenancy

Everything associated with those properties, units, and tenancies will be archived. This is linked to understanding hierarchy

Step 1 Archive

The quickest way is to go to the index page for

Property, unit or tenancy and then choose from dropdown to archive.

Step 2 Confirm archive

After selecting Archive Property/Unit/Tenancy, you will see the screen below. To continue click Confirm. * Please do not close the browser until the process is finished


Next, press Start to begin the archive:


Restore Archived Records

Step 1

You can restore a record at any point. To reverse the process: Go to prefrences> Archived Records


Step 2

Next, locate the record you would like to Restore, and by clicking on the arrow to the right select Restore:



Finally, select Start to begin the process.

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