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Adding attachments to messages

Phase 1 Attachments and replies into email accounts as shown below

Phase 2 Attachments within the app`s end of Feb 2021

Attaching images or documents to messages can be done:

  • When sending or replying to a message to a recipient from within Arthur
  • When recipients reply via outlook

*Please note that attachments can not be added to system messages. These are not bi-directional and state that on the email.


When sending or replying to a message from within Arthur

Create a message for the first time>Attach a document either from within Arthur or external to Arthur.

When choosing a document from within Arthur you will be presented with documents at that level, but you will also be able to search for alternate documents at different levels.


Reply to a message>Add an attachment


How the attached documents are displayed

The attached documents will display within Arthur differently depending on the document type. Below shows the JPEG view and the Word document to be downloaded.


From a recipient’s view


When recipients reply via Outlook

Within your email inbox>Send>Attach the image>View in the incoming message

Viewed from within messages – documents (most common formats allowed)



Please note: The image is held in the conversation and will not automatically attach itself to a task, work order etc.

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